Board Duties

There is no way to write down duties that ensure an organization works well. Nevertheless, here is an attempt to get us all on the same page.

Board members have help. Needed info can be collected by board-member committees (not everything is listed, all have responsibility to get info into our newsletters and web site when updates are warranted). Please ask for help any time help is needed. Board members have access to the MVC bulletin board and are empowered to improve it. All should try to come to the Board and general meetings. Reports should be given to keep the Board up-to-date and to keep the minutes accurate. The By-laws also help with what’s needed.

President: Try to get us all at least working on the same page – even if it involves pulling in opposite directions. Appoint a chairman for the nominating committee in June and 3 other members of the committee to present a slate of offices at the September Annual Meeting.

Vice President: Gather programs for February, March, April, May, June, July, October, November and the following January at least. Conduct drawings for lunch vouchers at most general meetings. Arrange with MVC for any special equipment needed for a meeting. At the year’s beginning, make MVC reservations for the Board and general meetings. Help recommended at least for the drawings.

Secretary: Keep accurate minutes of club meetings. Count attendees at general meetings and report the number at each Board meeting. Present vouchers to winners at general-meeting drawings. Keep historical records. Help recommended at least for the attendee count.

Treasurer: Present monthly financial report to the Board. Collect money for various functions.


  • Update member roster (Excel spreadsheet) each month and provide to Board members
  • Update member roster and provide to Mountain View Club (MVC) and Badge office in February
  • Send out late dues notice/reminder to members in January by mail, email, phone calls
  • Collect dues (cash/checks)
  • Write out a receipt in receipt book (for documentation only) for dues received
  • Fill out deposit slip for cash/checks received
  • Deposit monies in club bank account
  • Email/mail deposit slip from bank to Treasurer
  • Furnish club info to those interested. Provide MVC application to new members via email/mail with instructions.  (Once application is returned, Membership Chair will hand-carry to MVC for processing.)
  • Provide Base Pass forms to new/existing members via email/mail with instructions.  (Once forms are returned, Membership Chair will hand-carry to Badge office for processing.)
  • Remind members one month prior to their Base Pass expiration, to begin process of requesting forms from Membership Chair who will email/mail forms.  When forms are returned to Membership Chair, the forms are reviewed for completeness/accuracy and hand-carried to Badge office.  Badge office will take another 5-10 business days to complete their processing.
  • Report number of members at each Board meeting.
  • Verify MVC membership of new members.
  • Serve as Club’s single point of contact for Badge office

Entertainment: Make MVC arrangements for all special events such as parties, picnics, and club social functions. August picnic, September ice-cream social annual meeting, and the December Christmas Party all have their special needs. By-Laws say you get help here from the VP; as with all, you also have help from committee members. Negotiation with MVP for special events is stressed as important – especially for the August picnic and for the Noon-year’s Eve and Christmas parties that have been overpriced at times in the past.

Publicity: Publish and distribute newsletter (bimonthly newsletter). Maintain postings in the Coronado Thunderbirds bulletin case at MVC. Send email notifications to the email-list as requested. At Board meetings report the number of newsletters sent snail-mail and email on the months that the newsletter is distributed.

Travel SIG: Serve the travel group.

Calling: Gather info and transfer to callers for each general meeting, and at other times when needed. Maintain calling committee.

Awards: Make announcements allowing members to recommend award winners, have a Founders’ Award winners meeting each summer to select awards and present the awards at the September general meeting. Helpers can also be used as needed.

Past President: You are needed. Help where you can. Advise us all. You are our elder statesman.