We are currently looking for 2019 Board Members to fill any position. If you are interested in serving on our Board, please contact President Paul Hlava,

Board of Directors – 2019

Left to right: Treasurer Lionel Holguin, Past President John Anthes, President Paul Hlava, Membership Chair Pete Havey, Programs Chair George Oltman (deceased) and Secretary Guylaine Pollock. Not shown: Entertainment Chair Ellen Biernacki, Publicity & Newsletter Chair Connie DeFoe, and Awards Chair Ken Deller. Plus, we have open positions!

Paul Hlava – President – 850-7524

Vice President/Programs – OPEN

Guylaine Pollock – Secretary

Lionel Holguin – Treasurer
Pete Havey – Membership Chair and KAFB Passes

Pam Miller – Entertainment

Connie DeFoe – Publicity, Web Site & Newsletter Editor

Calling Committee Chair – OPEN

Ken Deller – Awards
John P. Anthes – Past President