Previous Programs – 2021

January 2021

Program, Tuesday, January 12, 2021 –  Our speaker was Imelda Villalobos, ACE Certified Personal Trainer with New Mexico Sports & Wellness – Del Norte. Ms. Villalobos spoke on “Beneficial Exercises for Older Adults with a Focus on Safety.” 

February 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, February 9th, immediately following the Business Meeting A Stroll Down Memory Lane of Early Broadcast Black and White TV” by Jim Hanlon. Jim will review his work as a relief engineer during the summers of 1956-1958 at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio.

James (Jim) T. Hanlon has been a licensed, amateur radio operator since 1952 and has had the call sign W8KGI since 1970. He has Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate (PhD) degrees in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State. He worked as a television engineer for WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, and taught Electrical Engineering at Ohio State while obtaining his last degree. Jim worked for both Bell Labs and Sandia National Labs in components design. Jim collects and restores “vintage” amateur equipment and currently has 24 receivers, 42 transmitters, and 3 transceivers on the air. He is retired and lives in Sandia Park, New Mexico, where his antennas are at 6,900 feet above sea  level.

He has previously presented:  “126 Years of High Frequency Amateur Radio Innovation,” which tracks the evolution of amateur radio from the Spark Gap Transmitter/Marconi Receiver in 1894 through Continuous Wave or Waveform radio transmission, or radio transmission of Morse Code (CW), Amplitude Modulation transmission (AM), Single-Sideband Modulation (SSB), and digital technology to the present SDR Transceivers of 2020.

March 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, March 9, 2021, immediately following the Business Meeting – “Public Alerting and Warning:  Three Systems, One Mission – EAS, IPAWS, and WEA Alerts” by Mike Langner.

Think of Californians with their earthquakes and wildfires.  Think of Oklahomans and their tornadoes.  Think of Florida with its hurricanes.  When imminent hazards are on the way, how can we, the public, best be timely warned?  The Emergency Alert System (EAS) of broadcast stations, the FEMA Integrated Public Alerting and Warning System (IPAWS), and the cell-phone based Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) network of cellphone companies all carry alerts that are in the public interest. But not everyone gets timely and relevant warnings, and some members of the public get repeated warnings about hazards not in their area.  Others receive incomplete or simply wrong information (Hello, Hawaii — Incoming Missile Alert). Mike will discuss how these three alerting systems work, how they’re being improved for tomorrow, and shortcomings that persist. He also discusses how the systems were developed and will give you a good sense of whether (or not) you’re likely to get the next alert being sent for your protection!

Mike Langner is a long-time engineer and station owner in the Albuquerque market, now serving on several New Mexico Committees.  Mike has been an active ham-radio operator since he was a high school kid in 1957.  With 62 years of hamming behind him, he’s seen our Amateur Radio Service and its equipment change in many ways.  Growing up on simple novice tube-type transmitters and receivers, Mike always had a love of taking things apart and (usually) putting them back together.  His love affair with ham radio led to a life-long career in broadcasting and broadcast engineering. He’s also led the New Mexico Emergency Alert System (EAS) for decades, and now offers his wealth of experience in Amateur Radio and our ham-radio equipment and his service to the New Mexico EAS system to our Coronado Thunderbirds members.  He says he’s in “Active Retirement.” Mike is the contract engineer for the New Mexico Broadcasters Association and is the trustee for the Diamond Memorial Repeater (442.6) atop Sandia Crest.  When he’s not communicating on his Amateur Radio equipment, he’s volunteering to help our community’s blind/low vision and deaf/hard of hearing members to communicate better through assistive technology.

April 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, April 13th, immediately following the Business Meeting – “A Medley of Broadway Show Tunes Piano Recital” by Genelia Boenig and “Favorite Songs” by Eric Moss.

A long-standing member, Board member, and awards recipient in the Coronado Thunderbirds, Genelia Boenig, an outstanding pianist, performed a piano recital of a medley of Broadway show tunes. Her recorded performance of a few show tunes was presented:

SHOW BOAT:  Ol’ Man River (1946)
CAROUSEL:  If I Loved You (1945)
KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY:  September Song (1938)
THE KING AND I:  Hello, Young Lovers (1951)
MY FAIR LADY:  I Could Have Danced All Night (1956)
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF:  Sunrise, Sunset (1964)
KISMET:  Stranger In Paradise (1953)
WEST SIDE STORY:  Maria (1957)

Eric Moss, another long-time member and Board member, selected several of his favorite songs from the selection and sings, as well. We are considering a Zoom singalong for our viewing audience.

May 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, May 11th, immediately following the Business Meeting “My Path from a Medical Career to an Art Career” by Barbara McGuire, MD (Retired)

Barbara McGuire, one of our members, will share her artistic path, which began about 10 years before her retirement. At that time, she enrolled in evening and weekend classes, studying general principles of photography, digital photography, life drawing (with a model), color theory, and trials with acrylic and watercolor media. Her watercolor paintings have won numerous awards, and Barbara has now accepted a leadership role with the New Mexico Watercolor Society.

Barbara is a life-long and leading member of the New Mexico medical community. Barbara started her career serving on the Native American Reservations, then moved on to a medical group in Albuquerque. She served in various New Mexico State positions, and traveled to Washington, DC, contributing to the successful lobby of Congress, seeking updated and improved Medicare compensation for the New Mexico medical community.

June 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, June 8th, immediately following the Business Meeting – “Costa Rica + Some Birds, etc.” by Paul Hlava (Past President)

July 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, July 13th, immediately following the Business Meeting – “The Isotopes Franchise, the Season, and All Things Baseball!” by John Traub, Vice President/General Manager

August 2021

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, August 10th, immediately following the Business Meeting – “Update on the Ponderosa Winery” by Mark Matheson, Winemaker/Vineyard Manager

September 2021

Annual Meeting, Awards Presentations, and Ice Cream Social

2022 Board of Directors

  • President—Dave Melgaard (incumbent)
  • Vice President/Programs—John P. Anthes (incumbent)
  • Treasurer—Alice Kilgo (incumbent)
  • Secretary—Bryan K. Stewart – new to the Board
  • Membership—Ron McCall – new to the Board
  • Entertainment—VACANT
  • Calling Committee—Guylaine M. Pollock (former Secretary)
  • Publicity—Connie DeFoe (incumbent)
  • Awards (Appointed) – Lionel Holguin (former Treasurer)
  • Past President—Paul Hlava (incumbent)

Zoom Virtual Program, Tuesday, September 14th, immediately following the Business Meeting – “New Mexico United” by Peter Trevisani, First Club President, CEO, and majority owner of New Mexico United