Join the Coronado Thunderbirds and the Mountain View Club

    1. NOTE:  If you do not have an email, the Mountain View Club (MVC) will create one for you. You must have an email to specify your payment for MVC dues. Contact the MVC by calling 846-5165 and let them know that you are joining the Coronado Thunderbirds but you do not have an email. They will create one for you.
    2. NOTE:  If you don’t have a computer or smartphone, the Mountain View Club (MVC) will have to complete the following steps for you.
    3. If you have a computer or smartphone, START HERE. You first need to “Create Your Account.” Use your computer or smartphone to log into Click on the button: “NEW & CURRENT AIR FORCE CLUB MEMBERS – CLICK HERE TO  JOIN OR ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT.”
    4. NOTE:  You will not need to access this Web site again after you create your account.
    5. Please continue through the entire process or you will have to contact MVC to fix your membership.
  1. Do not download the MemberPlanet app to your smartphone until after you have completed the entire process or you will have to contact MVC to fix your membership.
  2. On the screen, ‘Select your status,’ click on the button: “New member – I’d like to join a club.”
  3. On the screen, ‘Create your account,’ you are asked for your email, and you are asked to create a password – enter a password (your password must be at least 8 characters long, including at least one letter and one number) and continue. You need to fill in your first name and your last name. Then select ‘Kirtland’ from the drop-down list of “Name of the club you’re joining.” You then select “Your rank” – select ‘Enlisted Civilian.’ This should give you an MVC membership rate of $7.00 per month. Click on “Submit.” You will then be prompted to enter your payment information. You may use a credit card or have the funds taken out of a bank account. This will be on a monthly basis on the 15th of each month.
  4. You then become a member of the portal, MemberPlanet. You will be prompted to download the MemberPlanet app on your smartphone. This is the app that displays your membership card.
  5. On an Android phone, access “Play Store.” Search for “MemberPlanet,” and install on your smartphone. On a iPhone, use your App Store icon to search for Member Planet and download onto your phone.
  6. If you do not have a smartphone, you can access MemberPlanet on your computer to print out your membership card. If you do not have a smartphone or computer, contact MVC so they can enroll you and then email you a copy of your membership card.
  7. Contact the Coronado Thunderbirds Membership Chair via email (or call at 505-268-6816) that you are now an MVC member. You can pay your Coronado Thunderbirds dues ($15.00/person/calendar year) and begin the process to obtain your DBIDS badge for access to Kirtland Air Force Base.

NOTE:  If you wish to pay your MVC dues on a semiannual or annual basis, you must first “claim your account” and be enrolled in the MemberPlanet portal. Then, you may visit the MVC and make payment via cash or check. Be sure to get a receipt for your payment.

To access your membership card on your smartphone:

  1. Open up the MemberPlanet app.
  2. Click on “Log In.”
  3. If your email is not already in the email line, type it in.
  4. Type in your Password and click, “Log In.”
  5. Tap on the three bars on the left side of “Home.”
  6. Tap on the “My Member Card.”
  7. Tap on the arrow by Kirtland AFB Clubs and your membership card will display.
  8. To Log Out, arrow back to the three bars and scroll down to “Log Out” and tap it.