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Coronado Thunderbirds is a club for persons 50 years or older who have retired from Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Labs, DOE/NNSA, other federal agencies, or the military. Spouses and surviving spouses are welcome to join.

Why Join? 

  1. Great group of people, many of whom you may know from the Labs or the Base.
  2. Interesting talks – See General Meetings/Upcoming Programs for the speaker at our next General Monthly Meeting. And, you may check the Previous Programs pages, which you will find in the site links under “Upcoming Programs.”
  3. Access to the Mountain View Club and it’s many activities and all Kirtland Force Support (KFS) facilities. These include the Base gyms, the golf course, the auto hobby shop, bowling, RV storage, etc. – check out the activities page.
  4. Other activities like Travel/Tour opportunities.
Talking to prospective members

Talking to prospective members

Now check out the “Join the Coronado Thunderbirds” page for details on joining the Club


Check out the “Renewing Your Membership” page for details on renewing your Club membership.

Pete Havey – 2021 Membership Chair and KAFB Base Passes    –  Membership

Join in the fun!