Renewing Your Membership

Renewing Your Coronado Thunderbirds Membership

The dues are currently $15 annually (January through December) per person requesting a DBIDS badge for KAFB access. (So if both family members want to have KAFB access, the dues are $30.) Checks for dues should be made out to “Coronado Thunderbirds,” and should be given to the Membership Chair, Pete Havey. Pete attends most monthly meetings, or you can contact him via email (Membership).

Renewing Your MVC Membership

Your Badge is good for only 12 months. It must be renewed before it expires or you lose access to KAFB. NOTE:  You will lose about 1 month each year you renew due to processing time.

Check your Badge frequently. If your Badge is expiring soon, download the form (Kirtland AFB Pass Request) or contact our Membership Chair, Pete Havey. It does take a little time for your MVC Club membership to be confirmed, and then it takes 10—14 days to get a new badge made. Also, please keep Pete updated with your current address, phone number, and email address.