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Dave Melgaard is our Zoom “GO-TO” person. Look in your email for information from Dave. Before the upcoming program, he will send you an email link for the Zoom program. If you don’t see any emails from him, check your Spam or Junk Mail files. Alternately, just request a new link from Dave by emailing him.

ZOOM Presentation, immediately following the Business meeting—”New Mexico in World War II” by John Taylor, New Mexico Historian

John Taylor returns with a new publication (co-authored with Richard Melzer) to teach us more about the History of New Mexico. Previously, John informed us of the New Mexico involvement in the US Civil War. And, most recently, the history of the restoration of the ATSF2926 Engine that included a tour to view the restoration in downtown Albuquerque. John has authored/coauthored 17 books. In this presentation, he reviews and chronicles NM’s diverse contributions to winning WWII.

“New Mexico in World War II is kind of a scrapbook. It’s rich with archival wartime-era photographs. The black-and-white images touch on the diverse roles residents played, whether in uniform, as civilians, on the battlefront, behind the lines or on the Homefront.”*

*Steinberg, David. “BOOK OF THE WEEK: Doing our part.” Albuquerque Journal, 4 July 2021.