Awards and Recipients

The Coronado Thunderbirds Bylaws recognizes member service with the following awards:

  • The Founders Award for meritorious service to the Coronado Thunderbirds, The Mountain View Club, and the Community.
  • The Distinguished Service Award for extensive work for the Coronado Thunderbirds.
  • The Long Term Leadership Award for continuous leadership in excess of ten years.
  • The Special Recognition Award for dedicated service to the Coronado Thunderbirds.

On September 8, 2020, at the Zoom Virtual General Monthly Meeting, a Distinguished Service Award was presented to Vice President/Programs Dave Melgaard. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave helped keep our Club flourishing via the use of Zoom Virtual Meeting software. He was host for our Board and member meetings, keeping everyone informed of when the meetings would take place and acting as the Zoom Meister for our members. He also convinced many interesting speakers to present topics via Zoom.

On January 14, 2020, at the Monthly General Meeting, President/Returning President John P. Anthes handed out two Special Recognition Awards for Past Service. Those awards went to Paul Hlava,  for serving as President for two terms (2018-2019), and to Lionel Holguin, for his years of service as the Vice President/Programs and Treasurer (2017-2019).

The 2019 Annual Awards were presented at the October 8, 2019, meeting.  Pete Havey, Sr., and John P. Anthes both received the Founders Award. The Founders Award is given for meritorious service to the Coronado Thunderbirds, The Mountain View Club, and the Community.


  • An infrequently-awarded recognition is the Long Term Leadership Award. Another such award is the Special Recognition Award (Certificates of Appreciation):
Long Term Leadership Awards
Special Recognition Awards
(Certificates of Appreciation)
Special Recognition Awards
(Certificates of Appreciation)

Year              Winner Year              Winner Year Winner
2003 Bob Butler* 1999 Mike Michnovicz 2021 Dolores Cano
2017 Ken Deller 2001 Adron Pritchard 2021 Terry Lauritson
2017 Charles Vittitoe 2016 John P. Anthes 2021 Eric Moss
2021              Ellen Biernacki 2016 Connie DeFoe 2021 Sally Spier
2021              Genelia Boenig 2016 Pete Havey, Sr.  
2017 Brian Hermann
2017 Paul Hlava
2017 Guylaine M. Pollock
2017 George Oltman
2020 Paul Hlava
2020 Lionel Holguin

*Bob Butler received the award in 2003. He first became a Club member in 1986, served as its president for 3 terms and as its travel leader and newsletter editor for many years.

  • Many others have been huge contributors to the Club. By naming some, unfortunately it is likely that some will be omitted; senior moments, lack of information, time, … are all to blame. Those who have been granted Founders Awards and Distinguished Service Awards are:
Founders Awards Distinguished Service Awards
Year Winner Year Winner
1994      Nick Delollis 1997     Jim Caller, first Treasurer
1995      Harold Barnett 2001     Leonard Flesner
1996      Art Hasenkamp 2001     Angie Vergo
     Bob Butler 2002     Dick Jorgenson
1998      Dale Buchanan 2003     Lucille Kinzer
1999      Bob Martin 2004     Ken Deller
2001      Ramona Rael 2005     Joe Sorroche, 1st president at MVC
2002      Marv Plugge 2006     Helen Flesner
2003      Len Flesner 2006     Al Hachigian
2005      Ken Deller 2007     Dale Breding
2007      Joe Sorroche 2008     Rod Boenig
2009     Charles Vittitoe 2008     Charles Vittitoe
2011     Genelia Boenig 2009     Gilbert Cano
2011     Gilbert Cano 2009     Ed Reyes
2013     Adron Pritchard 2010     Genelia Boenig
2013     Vickie Clark 2010     Adron Pritchard
2014     Ed Reyes 2012     Vickie Clark
2015     Ellen Biernacki 2013     Jesse Allen
2017     Jesse Allen 2014     Richard Gido
    John P. Anthes 2016     Barbara Desilets
2019     Pete Havey, Sr. 2017     John P. Anthes
2020     Connie DeFoe 2017     Connie DeFoe
2020     Lionel Holguin 2017     Pete Havey, Sr.
2021     Guylaine M. Pollock 2018     Ellen Biernacki
2018     Lionel Holguin
2018     Johanna James
2018     Guylaine M. Pollock
2020     Dave Melgaard
2021     Deborah Belasich

Several are mentioned that have contributed to the Web site: Len Flesner for our site map; Dick Jorgensen for the Thunderbird symbol, and the 2010 Board of Directors for their critiques.